Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy –

We at HD Wallpapers Pulse take your privacy very seriously. This document details our policy about how we collect and use user personal private information. We also detail how we deal with third party advertising partners.

Personally identifiable data

We strongly discourage all website visitors not to enter any personal sensitive information about themselves including full name, phone number, credit card, physical address, email address, or any other sensitive information. We strongly advice minors and other users with limited decision ability not to visit our website without elders’ supervision. HD Wallpapers Pulse tries to ensure that all personally identifiable information or any offending material is removed immediately.

Server Logs Data

HD Wallpapers Pulse also logs data about web, database, access information, and server software usage. There can be different information parameters like IP address, the place from where you are using your internet connection (workplace, school, internet service provider), or geographical location.

All the information collected on our server logs is only used to improve the web services offered and debugging any problems that may affect user experience. All data aggregated is used anonymously for traffic statistics only.

Use of cookies

We also save cookies “small text files” that are saved locally on your system. These files help us personalize the way you interact with our website. You can delete these cookies whenever you want.

You can also choose not to allow your browser creating these cookies in the first place. However, HD Wallpapers Pulse does not provide any guarantee that all its functionality will be fully functional once cookies are enabled.

Advertisements by third parties

HD Wallpapers Pulse servers advertisements by Google Adsense, Infolinks, and a number of other third party advertisers. Our privacy policy does not cover our third party advertiser’s privacy policy.

Therefore, in order for you to know about the advertisements, you must refer to respect third party advertiser (s) for more information.

Selling or sharing of data

We strongly condemn the practice of selling data to anyone for any purpose. Therefore, once you are interacting with HD Wallpapers Pulse, you must never be worried about us selling your data to marketers. We respect your privacy the way we respect our own privacy.

Data Retention

We only retain, create backups of data, and copy it to other machines or servers for dealing with server crises and problems. There is no hidden purpose or ill intention behind retaining your data except for backup.